10 Easy steps to getting an Avenue C Micro-market

So you’ve heard about us and our micro-markets, but aren’t ready to make the leap of faith to contact us. That’s ok. We hope this step by step guide to getting an Avenue C Micro-Market will show you exactly how our process works from beginning to end. It’s relatively simple and will automatically update your break room with over 300 snack and beverage options, not to mention give your break room the face lift it deserves.

10 Easy steps to getting an Avenue C Micro-market

Step 1: Salesman Contacts Prospective Customer or Vice Versa
Step 2: Meeting between Salesman and Customer
Step 3: Proposal and Break Room Design Presented to customer
Step 4: Contract Signed
Step 5: Install Date Scheduled
Step 6: Five Star orders Avenue C Furniture and Equipment
Step 7: Customer prepares break room for install
Step 8: Five Star installs Avenue C
Step 9: Five Star associates train Customers and employees to use Avenue C kiosk
Step 10: Customers enjoy

This is the process you can expect from Five Star Food Service. It takes anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for a market to be sold and installed. Avenue C Micro-Markets are our fastest growing sector, so don’t miss out on this popular opportunity.

Please contact us if you would like a sales rep to reach out to you or if you have any questions.

Download our Service Guide to learn more about micro-markets and the other services we offer.