10 Reasons Why Going Cashless is a Good Thing [List]

It seems as if more and more people are leaving the cash in the bank and using their credit/debit cards for everything! Here are my top 10 reasons why going cashless is a GOOD idea.

10. You have a few cards, instead of wadded dollar bills and heavy coins.

Dollar bills and coins touch so many hands that it is almost inevitable they will become wrinkled and crinkled.

9. No more straightening your dollar for vending machines.

Ever go to the vending machine and it won’t take your dollar – then you have to try and straighten it, because you really, REALLY want that Snickers bar? At least your debit/credit card is already straight with the unlikely hood of it ever bending.

8. Smaller purses and wallets.

I have stuffed so many dollar bills and coins in my purse I can never find anything! Men, you don’t like sitting on a FULL wallet do you?

7. No more, “Can I borrow a dollar?” statements.

Aren’t you tired of having to ask people for a dollar? I never carry cash anymore so if I ever go anywhere that is cash only I’m out of luck. So embarrassing…

6. Security reasons. Less likely to get your money (cash) stolen.

People rob others for cash that is not traceable. If we only carry cards, then maybe the robbing will be less likely? I’m not saying people won’t try and commit fraud, because no system is perfect, but maybe the parking lot stand ups will slow down.

5. You can accumulate rewards and points with certain cards.

Who doesn’t like rewards?! Card companies are always finding different ways to reward their customers for using their cards, so why not reap the benefits!

4. You always have exact change.

If your grocery bill is $5.02 and you only have a 5 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill with no penny in sight, then you are going to get 0.98 cents back. Now you have change to carry around with you. Jingle. Jingle. If you only had a card, then you wouldn’t have this annoying problem.

3. You can customize your card.

You can add a picture of your sweet dog or maybe your favorite sports team to your card! You get to be individual!

2. The electronic trail of your spending habits. Better documentation.

Ever wonder what happened to that 20 dollar bill you had last week? With a card you have an electronic trail to figure it out. Congrats!

1. If you lose your card you can call, cancel it, and get a NEW one with the same balance. If you lose a 20 dollar bill… count your losses.


Going cashless is a growing trend in our industry and in the world. While some people still hold true to their traditional cash and coin ways, others are branching out and finding success. I don’t believe the vending industry will get rid of the cash option any time soon, but it has upgraded its technology to include many forms of payment. Not only can you go cashless by using cards, but their are mobile payment options as well. The options seem to be endless.