2015 Year-End Wrap Up

As the year comes to a close we want to express our true appreciation for all our customers, employees and business partners.  Everyone in business knows the importance of having a network of inspiring people around them and we have just that, so thank you.


Overall all this year has been one for the books. Here is what we have been up to:


 “Well it’s been and continues to be the most active year in our company’s history with the ongoing implementation of a [warehouse management system], a flurry of new account installs of recent, [and] six acquisitions over the past 12 months, along with the daily activity of normal day to day serving of our prized customers,” said President/CEO Alan Recher.



This year alone we have had the privilege of installing 122 new micro-markets.  This brings our total to 481 Markets in just four years!


“With over 110 dedicated team members supporting the micro market line of business, I’m proud to say our staff strives to be the very best in the industry.  It’s all about our team and the commitment that is made each and every day.  Providing the very best in service standards to our customers with a great sense of urgency is a key element to our success,” said Micro-Market Vice President Mark Stephanos.

In this New Year we plan to continue our growth by adding our 500th Micro-Market.


Office Coffee Service

2015 was another great year for sales growth in our OCS line of business. Through 9 months we are running 115% of prior year sales.


“We are seeing more of a demand from our prospects and customers to provide a higher quality cup of coffee. We believe this is due to the growing knowledge that a quality coffee program can lead to improved productivity, greater focus and higher morale among employees,” said Vice President of Office Coffee Mike Laurer.

Throughout the year we have learned that “our single serve offerings such as Massimo, Pods and Flavia continue to be the preferred choice among our clients and prospects,” said Laurer.  Single Serve continues to grow in popularity around the workplace which is why we believe in offering multiple, quality single service options.

Our major focus next year will be to grow the sales in our current customer base. We believe there is a huge opportunity for growth here. Be on the lookout for upcoming promotions.  Easily receive all coffee promotions by signing up here.

Customer Service

In April of this year we implemented a Customer for Life client retention program to better demonstrate how serious we take our customer satisfaction. We believe that once a company becomes our customer they should know that we want them as a customer for life and not just a few years. Customer service is and continues to be the number one initiative in our company. We pride ourselves on the company we keep and hope our customer service exceeds our client’s standards.



Overall, this year has been very productive. As we carry our momentum into 2016, we are already searching for new ways to reward our valued customers through loyalty programs and promotions.  The excitement is building and we can’t wait to share!

As we say here at Five Star – Have a Five Star Day and a Happy New Year!