5 Common Misconceptions About Vending Machines

Over time vending machines have gained a bad reputation.  Due to all the technological advances over the past decade, many believe vending machines are out-dated and a thing of the past.   Here are 5 common misconceptions about vending machines.

1. Nothing Healthy

Never fear.  Companies, like ourselves, are taking great strides in improving the healthy options in vending machines. Vendors now have dedicated healthy machines and standard machines with a mix of both standard and healthy products.   There probably won’t ever be a time when someone doesn’t want their favorite candy bar, but adding healthy items to the vending menu has happened and isn’t going away anytime soon. 

2. Snacks are always expired

A good vending machine will have rotated, in-date products. Maybe you got an expired snack once, but that was probably just an oversight that likely hasn’t happened again. If this is happening to you (especially more than once) then contact your vendor.  

3. Vending food is terrible

This is a myth.  Vending food actually tastes pretty good, especially because it is real food.  Just because it is in a vending machine, doesn’t mean its gross. Next time you see a food vending machine go up to it and try something.

Need proof? Check out this feature on our very own Culinary Center.

4. No Payment Options

This is no longer a cash and coin business.  The majority of vending machines these days have credit card readers, with some even accepting mobile forms of payment.  That’s right, vending is in the 21st Century! 

5. No Variety

There are only 40 to 75 slots in a vending machine, so good vendors do not place products randomly in machines, but rather use business decisions developed around consumer preferences.  A lot of research goes into what exactly gets placed in your vending machine.  It is important for vending companies to study the buying history from local convenience stores and like-businesses to develop an optimal menu for every snack, food and beverage machine.  The snacks you see in your vending machine are their for a reason – they have the highest volume. 


Hopefully these common misconceptions have been cleared up and are no longer a factor in your vending machine shopping, so snack on.