5 Star Tips for this Holiday Season

1. Defrost your car before it’s time to leave

Don’t get caught running late just to find out your car is iced over. If so, you better get out the ice scrapper and put some muscle into it!

2. Dry your hair before going outside

If you were like me this morning you did neither of the above. I was stuck outside defrosting my car with a wet head of hair. (This was my personal lesson) Not only do you lose heat from your head, but it’s also FREEZING when your hair turns into icicles.

3. Stay Hydrated

This is important in every season, so drink more water! New Year’s Resolution?

4. Prepare for Traffic

If you have a long commute to work like I do, then you know traffic is unpredictable. This is very true during the holiday season. There are more cars on the road as well as Tractor Trailers. With wet and cold conditions, traffic can get a bit crazy. Be prepared for a longer commute and be aware of your surroundings. Tip: use the restroom before leaving the house just in case you have to sit in traffic for a while.

5. Most Importantly – Be Happy

Be positive throughout this holiday season. Don’t be the Grinch! Find something every day that makes you happy. You control your own emotions! Don’t let others bring you down.

We hope everyone has a Five Star kind of day! #JustBrewIt