Exploring The Next Great Frontier: The Micro-Market Lounge

For some time now, micro-markets have been known as the latest and greatest innovation in the Vending industry, and for the foreseeable future, that fact will remain true. However, due to the outstanding growth of this line of business, we are discovering that a new frontier for micro-markets is opening up. It comes in the form of a new micro-market concept, which we have endearingly dubbed the “Micro-Market Lounge”. The concept was born from the desire of employers, who have experienced the benefits of micro-markets and want to improve employee satisfaction, coupled with our passion to create a destination where people want to be. Designed with a revitalizing color scheme that naturally entices visitors to unwind, relax, and recharge, our Micro-Market Lounge features two 75″ HD-TV’s, two multi-station iPad banks (with full accessibility and internet connection), four lounge sofas, and the full lineup of beverages, snacks, food, and amenities that a standard micro-market provides. With the general perception of employee satisfaction in America evolving, and the next generation of Americans making their way into the workforce, the Micro-Market Lounge concept is the perfect solution for the growing number of companies focusing on taking employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention to the next level.