Leadership Series #2 – Important Decisions

In the second part of our Leadership Series, our leaders discuss the most important decisions they make day in and day out. See if you can find the similarities in their answers. Question 2: What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?   What we have learned is PEOPLE make the biggest impact on … Read More

Leadership Series #1 – Challenge Facing Leaders

A while back we sat down with some of our upper management to seek their advice on what it takes to be a leader. In this 4 part series they will share their insights and advice for emerging leaders no matter what industry they may be in. Question #1:  What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today? Summarized version:  Pat Reilly: … Read More

Fit With Five Star: Releasing The Dragon Slayer Within

Staying fit doesn’t have to be difficult, it can also be fun. You don’t think so? Just ask Danelle Layton, Senior Marketing Manager here at Five Star Food Service, and she will tell you. Danelle recently played in the Dragon Slayer tournament in Atlanta. The Dragon Slayer is a well known, all-day, multi-level volleyball tournament that is hosted by Angry Dragon … Read More

Vendspiration: We can “Ali” through the tough times, again

With the passing of Muhammad Ali on June 3rd, 2016, another great American champion has been lost. All the news features and social media posts covering his life and death make it extremely hard to not know this by now. Besides leaving behind a legacy characterized by undeniable success, undaunted swagger, and an unshakable belief to be oneself, Ali left behind … Read More

Why and How to Attract Millennials to Your Vending Business

Five Star’s Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Greg McCall was recently featured in an article published by Vending Market Watch speaking to why hiring millennials is important to the vending industry. McCall gives a lot of insight on how millennials at Five Star Food Service are already making an impact. Read the full article HERE.  

Fit With Five Star: Conquering The Chattanooga Marathon

Running a marathon is not an easy feat, however, that is what our very own C. J. Recher did just this past Sunday by taking part in the Chattanooga Marathon. C. J. not only took part, but excelled by finishing 40th out of 639 participants, as well as beating his goal time of 3:30:00 with a time of 3:29:08. We … Read More

How to Make Smaller Products = Bigger Revenue for Your Micro-Market

Analyzing data such as product sales, demographics, and geographic area to create product lists for micro-markets is the best way to find what products suit customers’ needs and wants. We can all agree that analyzing data can be very time consuming, but everyone’s tastes are different so finding the right product mix to optimize your micro-market is very important. By analyzing current and … Read More