Five Star & LightSpeed featured by

The article, which was written by, gives an informative view of Five Star’s utilization of LightSpeed’s technology in field testing to see positive results in sales. Featuring comments from Director of Marketing, C.J. Recher, it also touches on a few potential uses of the technology to further increase sales. To check out the full article, which is well worth the read, CLICK … Read More

Leadership Series #4 – Effective Leaders

Leaders have different experiences and leadership styles, but they all have similar qualities. In the last installment of our leadership series, we ask our management team the final question. Question 4: What is one quality an effective leader should possess?     Thank you so much for watching our leadership series! We hope you can take away some meaningful tools … Read More

A Peek Inside Five Star Food Service: Human Resources – Hiring for Success

Within the last five years, Five Star Food Service has not only taken root, but also bloomed beautifully. We have more than doubled our total revenue, as well increased our company footprint multiple times over. Our outstanding growth may seem astonishing to those on the outside, but to everyone who works at Five Star, it comes as an expected result of a … Read More

Leadership Series #3 – Advice

When you enter into a new leadership position, it is important to learn from those who came before you.  There is no need to jump in the deep end without being equipped with all the necessities to be successful and stay afloat.  Read books, get a mentor, and watch this video. Question 3: What advice to do you have for … Read More

Chattanooga Community Kitchen & Five Star Partner to Feed the Hungry

Feeding hungry people across the Chattanooga region is a common objective that both the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and locally-based refreshment service provider Five Star Food Service share in their day-to-day operations. However, the bond the two groups share goes much deeper than that. Since 2010, Five Star has made it a tradition to partner with the Chattanooga Community Kitchen on … Read More

Leadership Series #2 – Important Decisions

In the second part of our Leadership Series, our leaders discuss the most important decisions they make day in and day out. See if you can find the similarities in their answers. Question 2: What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?   What we have learned is PEOPLE make the biggest impact on … Read More

Leadership Series #1 – Challenge Facing Leaders

A while back we sat down with some of our upper management to seek their advice on what it takes to be a leader. In this 4 part series they will share their insights and advice for emerging leaders no matter what industry they may be in. Question #1:  What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today? Summarized version:  Pat Reilly: … Read More

Fit With Five Star: Releasing The Dragon Slayer Within

Staying fit doesn’t have to be difficult, it can also be fun. You don’t think so? Just ask Danelle Layton, Senior Marketing Manager here at Five Star Food Service, and she will tell you. Danelle recently played in the Dragon Slayer tournament in Atlanta. The Dragon Slayer is a well known, all-day, multi-level volleyball tournament that is hosted by Angry Dragon … Read More