Leadership Series #3 – Advice

When you enter into a new leadership position, it is important to learn from those who came before you.  There is no need to jump in the deep end without being equipped with all the necessities to be successful and stay afloat.  Read books, get a mentor, and watch this video.

Question 3: What advice to do you have for someone entering a leadership position?

All leaders understand there is no one way to lead.  There are differences in leaders just as there are differences in those they lead. The best way to start is to surround yourself with a quality team. As a leader, you truly need to care about your team and their goals. They are there to work for you. Simply listening to your employees talking about their goals, family-life, work-life, etc. can make a huge difference in their work-life. Tell them they are doing a great job. If they are doing a bad job, show them how they can be better and give praise if they do. Making your employees feel appreciated goes a long way and they are more likely to work harder to help reach your goals and the company’s goals. Remember, your success is dependent on your employee’s success.  

Stay dedicated. Stay focused. Stay motivated.