American Classics

4th of July weekend is upon us! Not only is it a national holiday to celebrate our freedom and independence, it is one of the biggest food days of the year. Whether you are celebrating among family and friends, hosting a backyard barbecue, or lakeside, lets face it, food is half the fun!

Here is a quick look at the history of some American classics:

First we will go back in time with America’s first soda:
Soda originated in the U. S. back to 1835 with the first bottled soda water. It was not until 1881 when the first cola flavored soda was created. From then on, the soda industry has continued to grow. In 1885 “Dr Pepper” was created in Waco, Texas followed by the creation of “Coca-Cola” in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. “Pepsi-Cola” came into the mix in 1889 and the rest they say is history.

Potato chips:
America’s favorite snack food first came to be in 1853 and have continued to grow and prosper. In 1921, Bill and Sallie Utz started the Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips in Hanover, Pennsylvania followed by the foundation of Lay’s in Nashville, Tennessee in 1932. Retail sales of potato chips are over $6 billion a year in the US.

The creation of popcorn dates back thousands of years. Popcorn has remained an American favorite for centuries. The first patent for a microwave popcorn bag was issued by General Mills in 1981. This led to an increase in home popcorn consumption by tens of thousands of pounds in the years to come. Today, Americans eat more than 17 billion quarts of popcorn per year, which averages to 60 quarts per person.

Whatever you decide to do on the 4th of July, be sure to include these American classics in your festivities!


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