Chattanooga Community Kitchen & Five Star Partner to Feed the Hungry

Feeding hungry people across the Chattanooga region is a common objective that both the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and locally-based refreshment service provider Five Star Food Service share in their day-to-day operations. However, the bond the two groups share goes much deeper than that.

Since 2010, Five Star has made it a tradition to partner with the Chattanooga Community Kitchen on its quest to promote dignity and self-reliance among Chattanooga’s homeless through monetary gifts as well as volunteer service.

In early May, Five Star hosted its annual company meeting, tradeshow, and party. This year’s festivities featured a derby-inspired theme complete with sundresses, big hats, seersucker suits, horse racing, derby hors d’oeuvres, desserts, mint juleps, and an auction. The auction, from which the Community Kitchen receives all proceeds, consisted of over 60 items grossing just shy of $13,000.

“This partnership is a natural fit for Five Star and just makes sense. We believe in the mission of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and look forward to growing our relationship in the years to come,” commented Five Star President and CEO, Alan Recher.

To date, Five Star has contributed nearly $60,000 to the Community Kitchen with proceeds of their annual events.

“We are truly grateful to the incredible team at Five Star,” says Executive Director, Jens Christensen. “Through their support, we have been able to feed hundreds of homeless men, women and children while also helping with housing, employment and so much more. We value their partnership and truly appreciate all they continue to do.”

About Chattanooga Community Kitchen
The Chattanooga Community Kitchen is a freestanding social service agency focused on meeting needs with a primary goal is to lessen the poverty and despair among the homeless in the city of Chattanooga and to restore dignity and self-reliance to those we serve. For more information visit

About Five Star Food Service
Five Star Food Service is one of the largest micro-market, full-line vending, coffee service, and dining and catering service providers in the Southeast covering the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.  For more information visit