Coffee Products

Our Coffee Products

A Good Cuppa Joe Can Improve Everyone's Bottom Line

With seemingly as many coffee brands as there are coffee beans these days, Five Star Food Service is proud to represent and deliver only the best, most exciting products to its customers. Our product family includes Gourmet Blends, Regional Favorites with local and craft blends, and Private Label. We’re proud to put a smile on our customers’ faces, and our coffee’s not bad, either.

Product Variety

House Blends
  • Masterperk
  • Classic
  • Columbian
  • Columbian Decaf
  • City Roast
National Brands
  • Maxwell House
  • Folgers
Gourmet Blends
  • Starbucks
  • Seattle's Best
  • Green Mountain
  • Ellis
  • Mars
  • Wolfgang Puck
  • Frothy Monkey
  • Mezzaroma

About Our Blends

From our own House Blends to familiar big name Gourmet Blends, Five Star has a wide variety for you. See below for more information about each blend category, and feel free to browse our wide selection of brands via the link as well.


House Blends

You can’t spend this much time around the leaders of the coffee world and not learn a few secrets. So, putting our experience to work, we have created our own Five Star Label coffee blends. These delicious blends have been crafted with our roasting partners and are unmatched in delivering outstanding quality at quite reasonable prices.
Our blends currently include Masterperk, Classic, Columbian, and Columbian Decaf.

National Brands

Maxwell House and Folgers have been around for decades. These premium brands have been satisfying generations with their good taste and quality – they’re definitely not ‘flavors of the week.’ We partner with these national manufacturers and regional ones as well that we know will deliver the same consistent, high-quality products.

Gourmet Blends

Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Green Mountain, Ellis, etc. may be familiar names to you, but they’re old friends to us. Our relationships with these titans of the javasphere ensure we have the freshest, newest products and tastes, and always at the very best prices possible. Having Gourmet Coffee Blends gives your customers and employees brands they recognize and love.