Different Generations, Different Coffee

In society, each generation is different.  Due to different experiences, technologies, triumphs, and failures, each generation has experienced the world in a different way than those before.  These varying experiences have caused each generation to have different world views, standards of communication, and preferences.  Today I want to highlight the changes in generational preferences and outlooks towards coffee, as well as briefly point out why knowing these differences is beneficial to any business providing coffee to its employees or customers.

Earlier this year Segafredo® Zanetti produced a highly insightful infographic that divided coffee drinkers by generations and pointed out the differences in preferences and outlooks on coffee between each generation. Here are some of the key differences that any business looking to provide coffee needs to know:

1. Differences in flavor preferences



2. Differences in preferred drinking environment



3. Differences in motive for drinking coffee


The importance of clearly understanding your employees’ or customers’ preferences, and the motives that drive their decisions is essential. For vendors, the reason is obvious. If you don’t understand your customers, you are not going to be able to efficiently and accurately provide products they want, which hurts business. However, for businesses that offer coffee benefits to their employees, the reasons for understanding your employees’ preferences are a little bit different. Providing your employees with coffee they enjoy helps foster a positive environment, as well as encourages your employees to actually utilize the benefit being offered to them. On the other hand, providing coffee that your employees dislike would not only give your employees a reason to complain (not implying that all employees want to do is complain), but it would also be a poor monetary investment. If your employees don’t like the coffee being offered, they’re not going to drink it, and what is the point of paying to provide coffee benefits to your employees if they’re not drinking the coffee? There is none, it would literally be a waste of the company’s money. So don’t waste money, either take the time to figure out what coffee you should offer your employees, or let Five Star do it for you. But whatever you do, please do not make the wasteful mistake of offering coffee that your employees don’t want. It’s never a good decision.

Overall, whether you are a coffee vendor or a business offering coffee benefits to its employees, there are no down sides to understanding the group of people you are offering product or service to. On the other hand, there are many negatives to not understanding that same group. So go out and learn about your target group, whether they be employees or customers, and remember knowledge is key, and information is power. 

Good luck!

The information used in this post was provided by Segafredo Zanetti, NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends 2014, Datassential Buzz Coffee and Tea Tracker Q1 2014, and Nielsen 2013.