Fit With Five Star: Releasing The Dragon Slayer Within

Staying fit doesn’t have to be difficult, it can also be fun. You don’t think so? Just ask Danelle Layton, Senior Marketing Manager here at Five Star Food Service, and she will tell you. Danelle recently played in the Dragon Slayer tournament in Atlanta. The Dragon Slayer is a well known, all-day, multi-level volleyball tournament that is hosted by Angry Dragon Volleyball, a premier volleyball group based in Atlanta, which also hosts a number of other quality tournaments. After 10 hours of volleyball, with breaks in between games of course, Danelle’s team “The-Team-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” secured third place in the tournament’s Double B, Co-Ed bracket, which had 60 teams! Here’s what she said when we got to sit down and ask Danelle how she felt about her team’s performance, and what it takes to succeed in high level volleyball tournaments.

Josh: Congratulations on your tournament finish! How does it feel to place in the top 3 out of 60 teams?

Danelle: Thanks! It would feel better if we won, but my partner and I had a lot of fun and are proud of finishing so high in our first tournament playing together.

Josh: For your first tournament together that’s great! How was the tournament overall? Was it an enjoyable experience?

Danelle: The tournament was fabulous! Playing on grass is always enjoyable and it helped that there was a river by the tournament to jump in between games.

Josh: That sounds like a lot of fun. Now was it all fun and games? or Did you put in extensive training for this tournament?

Danelle: I play volleyball one to two times a week, so if you call that training then yes. But no there was no set regimen I went by to prepare for the tournament. I just enjoy playing competitive volleyball and getting to hang out with my friends all day.

Josh: And as long as you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters. But answer me this,  just to satisfy my curiosity, did you come in expecting certain results? Seeing as how it was a tournament and all, and tournaments have winners and what-not.

Danelle: Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never played reverse co-ed before, but I knew my partner Cody was a good passer so I had high hopes!

Josh: I see. Well for it being the first time you and your teammate play together, as well as it being your first time playing reverse co-ed, your 3rd place finish went from great to amazing! Was it physically tough playing that much volleyball? How does your body feel?

Danelle: I was definitely tired and my shoulder was killing me for a few days afterwards, but nothing a little ice and time can’t heal.

Josh: Good, good, as long as it’s nothing serious then it’s all ok. So do you have a lot of history with volleyball? Or did you just start playing?

Danelle: Both of my parents played volleyball, so I grew up around the sport. I played in high school and at the collegiate level at Brenau University.

Josh: Wow, no wonder you guys placed so high, you must be really good. Since you’ve played volleyball for so long I have to ask, do you continue to play volleyball out of habit and because it keeps you fit? or do you still love it, and in the process it keeps you fit?

Danelle: Definitely because I love it.  You can ask my husband, I would play volleyball everyday if I could.

Josh: Haha, the poor guy would never get to see you. But, it’s good that you still enjoy it. Overall, 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how much did you enjoy the tournament? And would you suggest others to take part? and why?

Danelle: I would give the tournament a 10! The Dragon Slayer is a MUST DO! Every year people from all over the Southeast come to play in it.

Josh: That’s great! Well thank you for the interview, and sparing me some moments of your time.

Danelle: It’s no problem, thank you.