Five Star Food Service’s VP of Micro-Markets takes the SlimFast Challenge

Five Star

SlimFast isn’t a new name on the block. We’ve all heard the name before, whether it be from a family member or a friend who was trying to lose weight, almost everyone is familiar with the name. However, as familiar as we are, many of us have never given their products a try. It may be because we associate the name with dieting, or lots of time spent sweating in the gym, but many of us have just never given SlimFast a chance in our lives. And thus, before we started offering SlimFast in our markets, Mark Stephanos, our Vice-President of Micro-Markets, publicly announced that he was going to test it to see if it actually works. For 2 weeks, Mark replaced breakfast and lunch with SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes, while dinner consisted of a reasonably well balanced, nutritious meal. Starting on Monday, June 6th, Mark made the changes and started monitoring his progress. After the 2 weeks were over Mark had lost an impressive 12.3 pounds, by doing nothing but replacing two of his daily meals with the SlimFast shakes. Subsequently, we got to ask Mark a couple of questions about the SlimFast shakes, his 2 week-long trial, and how he felt about this experience overall:

Q: Congrats on losing 12 pounds Mark! How do you feel?

Mark: I feel very good. Taking off the weight really motivated me and gave me a lot more energy.

Q: That’s great! So during the two weeks, were the SlimFast shakes able to fill you up? Or were there times you had to go hungry?

Mark: The first day was a little tough, however, after the 2nd day I felt fine. For the most part I wasn’t hungry after the SlimFast Shakes, and for the few days I was unusually hungry, I would have a Slim Fast Snack or a piece of fruit to satisfy myself.

Q: How did you like the shakes? Were there any that you particularly liked? Or where you tempted to try other things?

Mark: I liked the shakes a lot. Chocolate was my favorite. In week 2 I tried a few of the Slim Fast meal replacement bars due to me having to travel. They were easier to have in the car.

Q: How hard was this 2 week period for you?

Mark: The 2 weeks were easy. I was shocked how fast the weight came off. It really motivated me to keep up with it.

Q: Did you have any expectations going in? If so how did they match up to your results?

Mark: I was determined to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Since I exceeded my goal, I was pleasantly surprised.

Q: After having tried SlimFast for yourself, what is your final opinion on their shakes?

Mark: They have a great taste, and are a convenient meal replacement. They actually exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for an easy weight loss program that provides safe and effective results give the program a try. It’s very reasonably priced, and clinically, it’s very simple to follow compared to many other weight loss programs.

Again, congratulations on the weight loss and keep up the good work!