How To Get A Vending Machine In Your Office in 7 Easy Steps

Ever wonder how to get a vending machine for your workplace? Here are 7 easy steps to getting a vending machine:

1. Start Researching

Do a little digging and find out the different companies that will supply vending in your area. Not every vending company can suit your needs, so finding out which company is right for your business is crucial.

2. Qualify Potential Vendors

Qualifying your potential vendors is important, as it separates the vendors that suit you from the ones that don’t. Aside from finding a vendor that operates in an acceptable price range, here is a list of 6 Questions to Ask for qualifying potential vendors.

3. Deciding on Product Mix

After vetting the potential vendors and deciding on the company that fits you the best, the next step is to figure out the product mix of the machine. Deciding on the product mix is something you and the vending company will work on closely together, so having chosen a company you communicate well with plays an important role in the process.

4. Choose Machine Location

Location of the vending machine is very important. The machine cannot be so far out of the way that workers will forgo using it to avoid the trip, but it cannot be so close to the center of activity that it inhibits workers from doing their jobs.

The average size of a vending machine is 72 inches tall and 38 ½ inches wide, but to make sure the door can fully open you will need a space that is at least 40 inches wide.

The average drink machine uses 120 Volts/12 amps and the average snack machine uses 120 Volts/3 amps, but all you need to know is that the standard outlet can support one snack machine and one drink machine.

5. Choose an installation date

Here’s a quick tip for choosing an installation date: Try to choose your business’s least active day as the date for the installation. You are more likely to be able to observe and be active in the installation if it happens during a less active day. Choosing the least busy day of the week also limits the amount of interruption in your employees work.

6. Install the machine

Now most think this step would be to sit and watch your machine get installed, however that’s not the case. Staying involved during the installation process is important. It’s not common, but there are cases in which some vending companies will just drop off the machines and make the vending customer haul the machine to its placement destination. Staying involved in the installation process will be very helpful in eliminating that possibility all together. One last precaution you can take against improper installation is making sure the vendor you have chosen has an adequate installation and filling process.

7. Enjoy!