Introducing Fit with Five Star

Fit with Five Star

More than ever, the health and wellness of employees has become one of the largest areas of focus for employers. The benefits of having a healthy workforce range from significant cost savings on benefits programs to increased productivity and employee morale.

In general, the refreshment services industry has a negative (unhealthy) perception that follows it with regard to health and wellness offerings. Sure, some of the perception is inherently valid, however, as much of it (or more) is driven by the choices made by consumers.

At Five Star Food Service, many of our great customers have challenged us over recent years to create better-for-you programs tailored for their employees. We’ve certainly gotten creative to put together programs that truly work. The key is finding that fine balance between providing what the customer is requesting and what the consumer (their employees) shows us in their purchasing behavior.

“Fit with Five Star” is a new blog series we are launching to bring the health and wellness conversation to life in the refreshment services industry. It has long been a topic that’s swept under the rug by operators. You know, one of those “I won’t bring it up if you don’t” topics. However, it’s clear that health-consciousness is here to stay in this space, and we have the opportunity to take the lead and help our customers’ and consumers’ navigate the challenge of health and wellness.

We will share ideas on a broad range of health-related topics from creating wellness programs at work, to setting and achieving personal health and fitness goals, to eating healthier at work, etc. Our hope is to educate our readers and inspire them to consider making healthy choices.

Now that you know what “Fit with Five Star” is… here is an example of what’s to come!

4 Keys to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution last month? Are you still on track or have you fallen off the train already?

Either way here are 4 Keys to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution, or any goal for that matter.

Be Realistic

One reason many people fail to hold onto their New Year’s Resolutions, is they set an unrealistic goal for themselves. For example, if you decide you want to start running and have little or no previous experience, it would be unrealistic to expect to be able to complete a marathon by March. A more realistic, yet still challenging, goal would be completing a 5K race in that timeframe. Resolutions are intended to be long-term life habits that are built into your routine. Giving yourself a goal that you have little chance at reaching, will almost guarantee disappointment.

Create a Plan

As with most anything, a lack of planning usually leads to poor execution. First, decide which days (ideally 3-5) each week work best with your current work and life schedules to exercise. Sticking with the 5K example above, creating or finding a training plan (look for ours coming soon) will help you stay on track. This will also help you break your goal into smaller more manageable chunks. If you’re lost on where to start, there are many resources available on the internet from running experts.

Make it Social

Most people find success in reaching fitness goals if they’ve got a partner to exercise with and push them along. Chances are you’ve got a friend with a similar fitness goal or resolution. If so, team up with them and share the journey together! If not, you could seek out a local running club or group to join if you aren’t comfortable or confident going it alone.

Share It

Tell friends and co-workers about your goal. It will be an instant conversation topic around the office and group outings with friends. You’ll likely create your very own built-in accountability and cheering section. Who knows, you may just inspire them to join you or begin on their own! Share and celebrate the mini-milestones along the way. Doing so will give you the confidence boost you’ll need on those days you really don’t feel like training.