Fun In The Sun… UPGRADED: Five Star Food Service Improves One Lucky Individual’s Summer With A WaveRunner Giveaway!

Randall Guinn never could have expected that he would be the winner of Five Star’s WaveRunner giveaway, but when he finally sat on the Yamaha engineered personal watercraft, it was easy to see that he was more than willing to accept this unexpected surprise. Guinn was the lucky winner of Five Star Food Service’s July micro-market WaveRunner promotion. The promotion being run throughout all of Five Star’s micro-markets, around 725 at the time, made Guinn’s selection as the promo winner among thousands of employees at DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee that much more surreal!

Randall’s winning purchase took place on July 17th, when he bought one of the 30 qualified promotion products, that were featured by 5 different manufacturers during the month long promotion. On that day, Guinn entered the micro-market as a tasty treat seeker, and left as the future winner of a brand new Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport. Seems like a pretty worthwhile visit to us.

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