Leadership Series #1 – Challenge Facing Leaders

A while back we sat down with some of our upper management to seek their advice on what it takes to be a leader. In this 4 part series they will share their insights and advice for emerging leaders no matter what industry they may be in.

Question #1:  What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

Summarized version: 

Pat Reilly: Outside influences such as competition, new programs, and innovation

Mark Stephanos: The differences in customers and the workforce

Buddy Duke: Technology and finding good, dedicated employees

Peggy Russell: Hiring, developing and retaining the best talent

Allen Matheney: Finding staff that will give you 100% everyday

Mike Laurer: Finding the right balance to motivate the different generations in the workforce

Cathy Hamby: Motivating employees toward their goals and the company goals

Kevin Black: Multitasking

Tim Seaton: Fragmented communication


In conclusion, all leaders face challenges.  Most have to do with the people they lead.  Effective leaders can develop and retain engaged employees, but this will be a continual challenge as generations in the workforce change.  What motivates the 45 year old does not motivate the 25 year old.  Learning to adapt and motivate differently is a key trait in being a good leader.