Advantage & Benefits

Our Micro-markets are powerful, attractive, and employ the latest technology.

Consider this: Switching from traditional vending to an Avenue C.  Our Micro-markets are powerful, attractive and employ the latest technology.  They deliver the freshest content, tailored specifically to their users.  This is an advantage over traditional vending that simply cannot be overestimated. Your full-service programs with us at Five Star Food Service are literally “on-demand.”

Since every micro-market offers up to 300 to 400 products, it’s the ideal choice for clients who want more variety for their employees. We understand this, and have expanded our product line to encompass today’s hottest and most popular items and beverages, as well as traditional fare and brands. By taking this approach, every micro market is conceived and created specifically for you and your individual needs.

By upgrading your current vending program to Avenue C by Five Star, you will immediately have hundreds of options at your fingertips, including the fresh and healthy items that are so high in demand.

Other Advantages:

  • Customers can physically touch the products and view nutritional content before purchase.
  • Facilities, experience, and operational expertise are unmatched in the industry.
  • Reduces travel expenses for snacks and lunch, as well as extended breaks for employees.
  • Loss of money or refund issues dramatically contained.
  • Virtually no service calls.
  • Greater selection is ideal for employee wellness plans.
  • Aligned with – Health and Wellness Program

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