Cutting Edge Technology

At the heart of the micro-markets of Avenue C is a high-tech, revolutionary self-checkout kiosk.

At the heart of the micro-markets of Avenue C is a high-tech, revolutionary self-checkout kiosk designed and engineered specifically for industry convenience stores. Users just choose their items from the fully-stocked racks or coolers and scan the UPC code at the kiosk. Our technology does the rest.

Depending on the payment systems employed, users pay with cash, credit or debit card.  There are several ways to access your account, one of the most popular is the biometric technology (thumbprint). The entire operation is monitored and recorded via the Internet, including inventory, sales data, and security camera feeds.

Your Avenue C micro-market is powered by the latest in cashier-less technology ensuring a convenient, secure transaction every time.

How the Avenue C Checkout Process Works

The system identifies the product by its barcode, allowing any item in the store to be paid for through self-checkout. The process is very similar to self-checkout at grocery stores, something most consumers are familiar with today.

The Avenue C kiosk accepts multiple forms of payment – the transaction completes in seconds and your employee is on the way back to work.

Should an issue arise, every vending market is supported by a dedicated service help line that can solve most employee concerns, on the spot.

Key Features Include:

  • Secure transactions.
  • The latest touch-screen technology
  • Multiple payment options. Employees can use cash, debit and credit to purchase products.
  • Easy user account set-up and cash acceptance for account loading.
  • Camera monitoring to ensure employee safety.
  • Web-based reporting and monitoring.
  • A primary dedicated Internet connection and backup system.

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