Five Star Food Service Director of Marketing, C. J. Recher, featured in article about NAMA’s ELN

As of late, it seems like C. J. Recher has been on the rise. Formerly the Senior Marketing Manager at Five Star, C. J. officially accepted the position of Director of Marketing in April of this year. However, he didn’t stop there, that same month C. J. also accepted the offer to become the Vice Chair for NAMA’s Emerging Leaders Network. The senior management at Five Star fully support C. J.’s acceptance of the position, and are happy to see his steady rise. Beth Conyer, a Regional Vice President at Five Star, commented saying, “Obviously, C. J. must be doing something right if he is being offered all of these different positions, so congratulations to him. We’re just hoping he doesn’t accept all of the positions and leave us with none!”

So, congratulations once again C. J., and continue to produce the quality work that has gotten you thus far.

If you want to read the article featuring C. J. click HERE