Payment Security in your breakroom

PCI Certified Five Star Micro Markets

We have officially entered the age of digital everything and that includes how we pay for things. Let’s be honest, the days of the mass majority using cash are quickly going (or have gone) by the wayside. Paying for goods and services via credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and other forms of digital payment is taking over like millennials in the workplace.

Here’s a fun fact most find surprising, mobile wallet payments are actually more secure than card swipes. Mind blown, right?

Initially, with all of this change, uncertainty may creep in. Our micro markets are driven heavily by the use of card-based and digital account payments. Our goal is to educate consumers and eliminate any uncertainty they may have regarding the security of their payments and data when they do business with Five Star.

For micro markets, we have long since partnered with 365 Retail Markets, a PCI-Certified micro market technology and payments provider. Below is an excerpt from a document they’ve provided to us on payment security and how they treat customers data. We thought it very important to share.

“365 Retail Markets has been at the forefront of payment security since the inception of the MicroMarket industry. As the first PCI certified vendor in 2012, 365 Retail Markets considers security as a tenet of every product and service we provide. 365 Retail Markets is first and foremost a software company, and employs dedicated developers and security staff to monitor and audit industry best practices. These practices include, but are not limited to:
• NEVER storing credit card information, period. Data is encrypted in transit and never stored.
• Undergoing an annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessment from an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). As a result, 365 Retail Markets is listed on the PCI Security Standards Council Website as a ‘validated payment application’1.
• 365 Retail Markets has also achieved PCI DSS Level 1 Merchant Status which address the infrastructure and systems supporting the local kiosk device.
• 365 Retail Markets undergoes a separate, annual audit to remain compliant with the PCI DSS Level 1 certification.
• Proactively developing and following a proven and proactive incident response plan.
• Consulting Operators of 365 Retail Markets Solutions on Implementation best practices.
365 Retail Markets retains in-house security professionals on-staff who manage, audit and educate the organization on best practices which include…”

Find the full document here. Want to discuss payment security with us? Hit us up by clicking here!