*Personal Opinion Piece* The Real Purpose of Thanksgiving: A post-Thanksgiving Reminder


Thanksgiving means so much more when you remember its real purpose. This past week, I went with a team to show support to families affected by a recent tragedy, by donating food and drinks. Instead of just delivering the donations, we ended up staying for hours and helping out with organization, delivery, and storing of all of the donations. It was an impromptu volunteer experience, but it made me contemplate my experience as well as all of the recent tragedies in general and caused an unexpected perspective shift for me. The first half of the shift came from thinking about all of the recent incidents in which lives were lost. Tragedies like those force you to remember that life is short, and fragile. Just thinking about it is scary, nobody wants to contemplate how quickly they can lose a loved one. All of these unfortunate events reminded me to appreciate the lives of those around me as well as my own. The second half of the shift came from my the unexpected volunteer opportunity. Observing so many individuals with different backgrounds coming together to support those who are suffering, gave me hope. It reminded me not only of the great potential that we as human beings have, but also that there is good in all of us. And when I put those two halves together, the real purpose behind thanksgiving hit me! The purpose is to appreciate and enjoy your loved ones and to be grateful for each day you get to wake up and live life. It really is that simple! The same words I’ve heard repeated every year, but this time with an actual feeling behind them. So to all of you I say this, if the feeling behind those words has faded with time, try volunteering or doing something good for someone else. As it turns out, more often than not when you help others, you can inadvertently end up learning something that can give you a new sense of appreciation for life, or even encourage you to become a better person.


About the Author:
Joshua Honore is a Marketing Manager at Five Star Food Service who enjoys sports and music of all kinds. Currently, his everyday life mainly consists of work, working out, playing in a sports league, dance classes, and reading. His all time favorite book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, but the Harry Potter series and The Giver tied for a close second place.