Promotions- Get in the Game

Why are promotions so important? Promotions give customers a motive to purchase products. Whether the promotion simply calls out a price decrease for a limited time or just brings the product to the forefront of the customer’s mind, it works. People can easily forget about product if they are not regularly reminded.

The vending industry has not seen many successful promotions ran; however, Five Star plans to change all that. In 2014, in vending alone, Five Star has planned 3 (8 week) promotions involving give-a-ways such as tickets to the Bristol Night Race, a Trip to Dollywood, t-shirts, bags, clocks and other trinkets. Hopefully these promotions will prove successful and create a buzz in the vending industry, allowing for more promotions to come.

Micro markets are a whole different story. With the ability to pick up and view the products before purchasing and having the ability to buy more than one thing at a time, creates an entirely different buying experience from vending. With that said, Five Star has been able to make huge strides in the promotions game for Micro Markets. A yearlong promotional calendar has been created and being executed. Each promotion has been specifically designed with the consumer in mind, with each promotion bringing excitement to the market. Not only are customers receiving price discounts, but also give-a-ways such as a cruise to the Bahamas, Nascar tickets, iPads, college paraphernalia etc…. Every week brings on 1 or 2 new promotions.

Advantages of Running Promotions:

Customers can win prizes
Generates brand awareness
Generates brand loyalty
Customers get a good price on products they love
Keeps customers coming back for more
Creates excitement
Boosts in-store sales
Introduce new products
Creates Demand

Take advantage of promotions around you. You never know when it will be your lucky day!