The Beginning of a Tradition: 1st Annual Five Star Culinary Showdown – The Burger Olympics

Five Star Culinary Showdown Logo

August 5, 2016 marks the beginning of a new tradition here at Five Star, one that we hope will thrive for many years to come. This date coincides with the start of the 1st Annual Five Star Culinary Showdown. This competition came into fruition as a result of our desire to find an outstanding burger to serve as the Signature Burger for the year. When the Dining team and the Marketing department met to figure out how to solve this dilemma, the idea of an annually themed chef competition was shared, and we instantly knew that was the answer. With the first theme obviously being burgers, we dubbed this year’s competition “The Burger Olympics”, and the rest was history.

The Annual Five Star Culinary Showdown has a simple and effective format that makes it easy to run and participate in. The competition consists of three stages: The Regional Stage, Testing Stage, and The Final Stage. In the Regional stage, the top 4 theme adhering burgers (the dish will correlate with each year’s specific theme) from each dining region are selected by our Regional Dining Directors to qualify for the testing stage. Once qualifying for the Testing Stage, the burgers are then taste tested by a select panel of judges. After undergoing an intense taste test, the top 3 burgers are then selected to pass through to the Final Stage in November. During this stage, we hold an election in which we sell the three remaining premium burgers (or theme appropriate dish) in all of our dining units for a week and have the customers vote for their favorite. The burger (dish) that receives the most votes will be chosen as “The Burger (or whatever theme appropriate food is cooked) Elect”, and be featured as Five Star Food Service’s Signature Burger (or theme adhering food item) for the next year.

While it is true that the Annual Five Star Culinary Showdown is a competition that decides our signature food item for the year, that isn’t its only purpose. It serves as medium to promote creativity and innovation within our dining units, and even more than that, it is an opportunity for our chef’s to show off their culinary skills. Here at Five Star Food Service we like to support success, this annual competition is a great way to highlight the culinary accomplishments of our chefs. As time goes by we hope to see the Annual Five Star Culinary Showdown grow in every aspect. Thank you to those chefs who submitted a burger this year, and may the best burger win.