How Is Theft Controlled in Micro Markets?

The main concern we hear from our potential customers is “How is theft controlled in the micro market?”.  Without a way to monitor theft, micro market companies could not be successful. Companies have developed Loss Prevention Departments to monitor micro markets and determine the most efficient way to control loss.


Controlling Loss

Our Loss Prevention Department and Mirco Market Team have developed a process by which we can look at different data points and determine if a specific site or sites may be having a problem with losses due to theft. Feedback from our field representatives is  helpful and is highly valued in our strategic consideration. We also continuously monitor our markets to observe their condition and/or needs.

“Our goal in Loss Prevention is to reduce shortages in our Micro Markets due to theft.  I believe a combination of human capital, technology and strategy is the most effective approach in reducing loss due to theft in our Micro Markets.” -Brady Dillard, Loss Prevention Coordinator

Monitoring the Market

Our markets are monitored 24 hours a day, off-site by our loss prevention department.  Surveillance cameras are used in every market to provide video evidence of any theft that may occur.  All markets are monitored from the corporate office.  The video monitoring system used allows associates to view live and recorded footage of all market activity.  Associates can compare video to market transactions to verify if theft is occurring or has occurred.

Once the loss prevention team has video evidence, they then send it to the appropriate authorities to handle accordingly.


Micro Market Theft Facts

→ Soft Drinks are the most stolen items.

→ Most theft occurs mid-week on second and third shift.