No matter what quenches your thirst, we promise to deliver fresh, healthy, and great tasting natural spring or purified water to your office. Our water is so fresh, it is delivered within days of bottling.

Five Star is one of the best water providers in East Tennessee covering cities like Knoxville, Chattanooga, Maryville, Alcoa, Cleveland, Athens, Morristown, and more! We offer a variety options to meet your needs in bottle-less filtered water point of use systems, five gallon bottled water systems, single-serve bottled water, and bulk bottled water by pallet.

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Water Filtration

Looking to ditch the bottle? Five Star offers bottle-less water filtration coolers that connect to your existing plumbing and are available as counter top units or standing water coolers. Bottle-less units also make an impact in many of our customer’s corporate sustainability initiatives.

Water filtration is all about clean water. It reduces the presence of impurities found in water such as odors, taste, chemicals, sediment, and more. Often times, systems are also outfitted with UV disinfectant systems to keep your water free of bacteria.

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Filtered Water Units

  • ION by Natural Choice

    Transform ordinary tap water into a glass of delicious filtered water with the press of a button. Designed to fit on most countertops, the ION™ makes a great office water cooler where space may be limited.

  • WL100 by Waterlogic

    The WL100 is an effective point of use cooler that connects directly to your building’s water supply and purifies water upon dispense to provide an unlimited supply of the best in chilled, hot, and ambient water.

  • Crystal Pro by Crystal Mountain

    Enjoy great tasting purified drinking water with the Crystal Mountain Crystal Pro purified water dispenser. This unit was designed to bring safe drinking water to your facility via reverse osmosis and filtration with UV sterilization on dispense.

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    Don’t see your favorite cooler? Contact us today and we will do our best source the unit for you!

5 Gallon Bottled Water

Now available in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and our North Georgia Territory. Our pure drinking water flows from a natural spring deep in the heart of the North Alabama Mountains, and is bottled directly at the source by our partner and experts Kyuka Waters. This locally sourced 5-gallon pure spring bottled water provides an economical, sustainable, and healthful way to hydrate your associates. Bottled water coolers should be sanitary, easy to use, and maintenance-free. Our team has over 25 years experience bringing customers clean, chemical-free water. Five Star looks forward to being your trusted provider to keep your employees and guests hydrated!

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Bottled Water Units

  • Aspen by Crystal Mountain

    A robust bottled water dispenser with a classic design. The Aspen is the perfect water cooler for the traditional office. Features stainless tanks and one-piece cabinet. The Aspen by Crystal Mountain is built to perform!

  • Storm POU by Crystal Mountain

    The Storm POU is a high quality air-cooled water dispenser using SmartFlo hygienic technology. Large dispensing area for coffee pots and large water bottles. Features LED light over faucet

  • Storm by Crystal Mountain

    Tired lifting those heavy bottles? No problem! The Storm provides our customers with a “no lift” cooler that stores the bottle inside the bottom of the cooler. Great tasting pure spring water with little effort, now on tap!

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    Don’t see your favorite cooler? Contact us today and we will do our best source the unit for you!


Single Serve Bottles

Need 20 ounce or 16.9 ounce individual bottles of water for company meetings or conferences – or just need to fight the heat? Five Star has your favorite bottled water brands available to assist you which can be easily added to your current Office Coffee Service. Let us help you stock the break room.

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Bottled Water by Case

  • Niagara Purified Water

    High quality, great tasting purified water now available by case from Five Star! Our purified water quenches your thirst and your budget! 

  • National Brands

    We distribute today’s popular purified water products from majors bottlers like Coca Cola and Pepsi including brands like SmartWater, Lifewtr, Aquafina, Dasani, and more. Also available are flavored and sparkling waters.


Have hundreds or even thousands of thirsty employees? Looking for an economical way to keep them hydrated in those dog days of summer in the South? Pallets of Five Star private label purified water is your answer. Our team will deliver it to a central location or to your door.

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Niagara Purified Water