You Just Got an Office Coffee Service, Now What?

You’ve just committed to a partnership with a great coffee service, so now what? Here are some steps to take to ensure an easy transition.

Host a Launch Party

You have an amazing new coffee system in your break room, so why not share its magic? Your employees will be excited to try out the new system and taste the yummy goodness we call coffee. Have an afternoon “slump” event and invite your team to come try the new coffee and perk up with one another.

Show off the awesome new employee benefit your team now gets to enjoy. Whether this is the first time they will receive office coffee or maybe you’ve just been able to upgrade their current offerings, either way people will appreciate the effort.

Offer Employee Training

The fastest way to receive push back on a coffee system is by not properly training employees on how to use it. People don’t want to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to work the new coffee brewer. So offer a time during the day to show employees how to use the brewer. Knowing how to properly use and clean the equipment doesn’t take very long and creates more buy in from your employees. Plus most coffee service companies offer “How to” print outs you can put by the brewer.

Understand Inventory Management

Your customer service representative will set up an inventory based on consumer knowledge with you and monitor it in the months to come. Product levels will be adjusted based on productivity and personal requests. Anything you want added to your order, let your driver know.  Anything you want taken out of your inventory, let your driver know. It is as easy as that.

Gather Feedback

Allow open communication from your employees about their coffee preferences and use that feedback to create the best coffee program possible. Think about using a suggestions box or just regularly ask for feedback whenever you see an employee enjoying their cup of joe.  Different generations have different coffee preferences, so it is important to find a good mix of offerings, which your service representative will help you with.

Communicate with your Service Representative

It is important to maintain a good working relationship with your coffee service representative. They will do anything they can to create and maintain the best program for your employees and business.

Let them know if you want a new product or maybe you need extra Styrofoam cups because you have an upcoming meeting.

Look for Seasonal Promotions

Every season comes with its own unique flavors and taste profiles. We all know Pumpkin Spice is found in the fall and Peppermint Mocha is found during the winter holidays. Maybe you haven’t thought of getting extra hot chocolate for the office during the cold months or ordering some iced tea for the summer?

Many seasonal promotions will be available, so make sure you jump on board to retain interest among your employees.


The easiest part about getting a new office coffee service is enjoying the coffee and all the perks that come along with it!  So enjoy!


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